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1 June 2005

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Cheney Says War in Iraq Over by 2009 -- Vice President Dick Cheney was on Larry King’s CNN show on Monday where he said that the war in Iraq would be over when Mr. Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009. The prescription in the rose-colored glasses that the administration wears when it comes to Iraq hasn’t changed since the president landed on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit to announce the end of major combat operations two years ago. The fighting won’t be over by then, and the only question is whether Americans will still be dying in Iraq or whether the administration will bring them home.

Villepin is France’s New PM -- The Presidency of France is a nifty job. There’s all sort of power, and when the excrement hits the air conditioning unit, there’s a Prime Minister to sacrifice to the wolves. And so it was yesterday after Frenchmen voted against the political establishment and the European Constitution. Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin resigned to be replaced by Dominique de Villepin. President Jacques Chirac gets to keep his job for another 22 months, and everything in France is now on hold.

UK Victory for Tobacco Company -- It would seem that the British and the Americans are divided by more than a common language. In a recent legal decision, a judge in Scotland held that a man who died of lung cancer after smoking cigarettes for almost 3 decades was not entitled to money from Imperial Tobacco Limited. The only question now is whether Scotland is behind the times, or way ahead.

Live 8 Set for July -- Sir Bob Geldof, a/k/a Saint Bob, had a tolerable musical career with the Boomtown Rats, but he got his knighthood for his actions to alleviate hunger in Africa 20 years ago. In announcing his newest venture, “Live 8,” he began his remarks with “Here we are again.” Sadly, he is right. But this time, the organizers are coming back older, wiser, and angrier. Maybe, they can shake things up rather than put a bandage on Africa's problems.

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