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3 June 2005

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Mark Felt, Deep Throat, is a Tarnished Hero -- The greatest journalistic mystery of the 20th century is no longer a mystery. “Deep Throat,” the key source in the Washington Post’s investigation of the Watergate Affair, turns out to be W. Mark Felt, the second-in-command at the FBI in the early 1970s. Former Nixon speechwriter, Pat Buchanan said, “he’s a snake,” while others claim he saved the Republic, but in fact, Mr. Felt is a tarnished hero.

Dutch Reject EU Constitution -- First, France said, “non,” and on Wednesday, the Dutch said, “nee” to the draft European Constitution. The Dutch, like the French founding members of the European project, were even more adamant in their rejection with exit polls putting the score at around 63% against the treaty. Dutch politicians said they would abide by the results of the non-binding referendum if more than 30% of the electorate turned out; in the end, double that number turned up to kill off the treaty.

Congressman Cox to Replace Donaldson at SEC -- William Donaldson announced is resignation as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and President Bush, whose administration is littered with unfilled jobs and “acting” bureaucrats, proved he can move quickly when need be. He appointed Congressman Christopher Cox (R-CA) to fill the spot. Senate confirmation is required, and the filibuster is a potential tool to halt the nomination, but this is an appointment the Democrats would be better off nodding through the Senate.

Nottingham Advertising “Pros” Drop Robin Hood from City Logo -- Ask anyone anywhere on the planet about Nottingham, England, and they’ll reply “Robin Hood.” In terms of branding and name recognition, a local civic booster couldn’t do better. Nearby Derby has a variety of hat, but there isn’t quite the glamour there. Still, the folks at “Experience Nottingham” thought they could do better with a stylized upper case “N.” Even the Sheriff of Nottingham (there really is one) wants Robin Hood back on the city logo.

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