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13 June 2005

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Congressman “Freedom Fries” Wants Iraq Withdrawal -- Walter Jones, Jr. (R-NC) was on ABC’s “This Week” talking about legislation he intends to introduce this week in the House of Representatives. It can be dressed up by the GOP and one can argue over the details, but the bill will, in effect, set a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. It is one thing for New York and California liberals to talk about this, but it is quite another for a conservative congressman from Dixie to make such a move. All the more so since Mr. Jones is the man who changed Capitol Hill’s “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries.”

G-8 Finance Ministers Forgive Debt of 18 Countries -- The finance ministers of the G-8 nations (that’s the 7 richest countries in the world, plus Russia for no real good reason) met in preparation for the G-8 summit next month and agreed to cancel all the public debt of 18 highly indebted poor countries [HIPCs]. The total comes to $40 billion, which critics will say could have been spent on schools, healthcare and pensions were it to be repaid. But the point is there wasn’t going to be repayment, and this allows a fresh start, not unlike corporate bankruptcy.

Payday Loans Restricted in Illinois -- For a person with no credit and no savings cushion, it seems almost too good to be true. With a simple form faxed to a lender, a person in desperate need of funds can have them in his checking account by morning. And one’s next paycheck is the collateral. Such a deal – until one reads the fees and rates. For that reason, the state of Illinois just joining 42 other states in creating specific rules for this sort of loan

Ahmed Changes Name, Job Interviews Roll In -- It is still difficult to believe that in the 21st century the populations of civilized nations are rife with racism. Yet, there is no other explanation for a story the BBC website posted this week in its magazine section. Young PR executive Sheik Ali Tariq Ahmed, a Londoner, wasn’t getting any job interviews, and a pal suggested he change his name. A resume (cv in British, for curriculum vitae) with the same particulars under the name of Daniel Jacob had the phone ringing off the hook. The term among blacks in America is “passing,” and it means the society in which it must be practiced is failing..

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