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29 June 2005

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Bush's Speech Buys Him Time -- When the president spoke last night at Fort Bragg, the whole country was his audience. With support for his war in Iraq collapsing, it was time to rally the nation. In a speech that could have been delivered by Lyndon Johnson, the latest Texan in the White House managed to buy himself a little time, but he didnít change the tide. Americans are tired of the Iraqi war, and it is only a matter of time before the political pressures force the presidentís hand.

France Gets ITER Fusion Energy Project, Japan Gets Set Asides -- The popular image of physicists is one of wild hair, lab coats, and a total lack of political sense. The recent battles over the location of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor [ITER] belie that image. The project has been held up 18 months while France and Japan haggled over where the Ä10 billion project (and 10,000 jobs) get placed. A compromise leaves the facility in France, with lots of consolation prizes for Japan.

AMD Sues Intel for Coercing Customers -- Microprocessors are the nifty little chips than make the 21st century run. Obviously, they are in computers, but less obviously, in microwave ovens, telephones, and air conditioning systems. Yesterday, American Micro Devices, the number two chip maker, announced it had filed an anti-trust suit in US district court in Delaware against Intel, the number one chip maker. The suit alleges that Intel has coerced potential AMD customers to avoid doing business with AMD.

Gold Star Moms Drop Citizenship Requirement -- Back in May, this journal criticized the American Gold Star Mothers for denying membership to legal residents of the US. The charter drafted in 1929 required members to be citizens of the US. However, in light of another requirement for membership, the loss of a son or daughter in the service of the nation, citizenship seemed a silly burden. The requirement has been removed, by a unanimous vote of the membership.

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