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6 July 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 80
Bush Offers to End Agriculture Subsides if EU Will -- This journal is unaccustomed to praising President Bush’s policy moves, and even more unaccustomed to doing so more than once in a great while. However, after his work on Africa before the G-8 summit, he earned the praise of anyone and everyone concerned with the hundreds of millions who live there. And now, he has done it again, offering to scrap US farm subsidies if the European Union does the same.

The G-8 Leaders Have Different Agendas -- The Live-8 crowd, musicians and music "journalists," kept telling the entire planet that these eight guys in this one room had so much power that they could change the world forever. And they do. But as the leaders of the seven biggest economies in the world (plus affirmative-action addition Russia, which is there because it has about 12,000 nuclear weapons) sit in that room, they all have a different purpose.

Live-8 Exposure Boosts Record Sales -- The record industry has been whining a great deal lately because their sales are down. As one, the big labels have blamed the internet and “illegal” downloading of copyrighted material. The results of the Live-8 concert suggest there’s another dimension to this. In general, they might be guilty of poor marketing as well. Virtually without exception, bands that performed in Hyde Park for free in an attempt to get the world to pay attention to the mess that is Africa sold more records afterwards than they had before playing.

International Olympic Committee Picks London for 2012 Summer Games -- To the surprise of most of the sporting world, and to this journal, the International Olympic Committee has chosen London as the host city for the 2012 Summer Games. Paris had been the odds-on favorite, and it was only a full court press from the City on the Thames that snatched the games away from the City of Light. The challenge now is to fix up the East End in the next seven years

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