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11 July 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 82
Budget Deficit Isn’t Shrinking Despite Secretary Snow’s Wishes -- Last Friday, Treasury Secretary John Snow broke some good news to the world. The US budget deficit is shrinking thanks to stronger-than-expected tax revenues. He said, "It's pretty clear now that the path we're on will take us below the president's initial target, that is below 2 percent of GDP and beyond that going forward." It’s enough to send one to the thesaurus to find synonyms for “lie.”

Terrorism is Here to Stay: So What? -- The first suicide bombing in history didn’t happen in the 21st century, or even in the 20th. A rather nasty group called “The People’s Will” managed to kill Tsar Alexander II of Russia in 1881 with a bomb. The little wanker who killed the Tsar Liberator, Grinevetsky by name, managed to blow himself up with the same device. Odd how nothing has really changed; terrorism is still one of the minor irritants in modern life, and terrorists always target the wrong people.

Disney Calls a Truce with Ex-Directors -- Disneyland has two nicknames: the Magic Kingdom, and the Happiest Place on Earth. Its boardroom the last several months has lacked magic, and it certainly hasn’t been happy. CEO Michael Eisner, ex-Director Roy Disney and ex-Director Stanley Gold fought like wolverines in a gunny sack over the direction the firm was taking. Mr. Eisner is now gone, and last week, Messrs. Disney and Gold announced they were done fussing – for now. is Never Going to Happen -- The big news for the internet savvy crowd is the addition of a new suffix to the mix. Starting late next summer, some websites will be designated not by “.com” or “.org” but by “.mobi.” These sites will be specially designed for viewing on mobile devices like PDAs or cell phones. The smaller screen will require site designers to code their sites specifically for mobile devices. The Kensington Review has no intention of doing so.

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