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13 July 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 83
Democrats Have Karl Rove in Their Sights -- Karl Rove is the eminence grise of the Bush White House, and the Democrats hate him for it. They now believe that they have proof he was involved in leaking the identity of a CIA operative to the press, and that, they say, is a hanging offense. Mr. Rove has done nothing criminal, but all the same, he should go. Not because the Democrats are right but because the protection of the president’s agenda is what he has spent years doing, and because he is now a detriment to that mission.

Baghdad’s PM Says American Withdrawal an “Iraqi Decision” -- Iraq’s recently selected Prime Minister, Ibrahim Jaafari, told his country’s national assembly that “We want the [American troop] withdrawal decision to be an Iraqi decision with Iraqi timetable not with a terror timetable." He also said, “They will leave when it is decided there is no more need for foreign troops.” Don’t the Americans have a say in this?

American Workers “Waste” Two Hours a Day -- The good people at AOL and have just issued a survey in which American workers confess to wasting 2 hours out of every working day. And that doesn’t include lunch. And it certainly doesn’t include ineffective and stupid tasks that over-paid managers decide are vital. The problem is the word “waste.” As Mark Twain said, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” Thinking is not visible labor.

Abreu Shatters Home Run Derby Record -- Major League Baseball is taking a breather this week. A little more than halfway through its 162-game season, the best of the best play the All-Star Game, and everybody else gets three days off to recover and try to remember the names of the wife and kids. Baseball has discovered, though, that giving up three-days of TV ratings and revenues isn’t such a hot deal, so they have created some extra events to make up for it. The Home Run Derby is perhaps the best of these, and Bobby Abreu stole the show Monday night.

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