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18 July 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 85
Senate May Reconsider Mass Transport Security Cuts -- The Republican-controlled US Senate is having second thoughts about cuts made to mass transit security. Nothing like a little bombing on the London Underground and buses to point out the obvious need for more, not less, spending here. But Heimatschutzminister (to give the Secretary of Homeland Security his proper title) Michael Chertoff demonstrated an unwillingness to tell the truth when he said, "I think our transit systems are safe. I wouldn't make a policy decision driven by a single event." Wiser heads would.

Indian Prime Ministerís Visit May Show Shift in US Policy -- It seems odd that the largest democracy in the world, India, and the oldest democracy, the USA, arenít better friends Ė if indeed democracy is all the Busheviks say it is. Yet, the relationship between the two since Indian independence in 1948 has been tepid at best. That may change today as Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, comes to Washington.

Harry Potter Canít Fix Scholasticís Bottom Line -- J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise is the hottest bit of literature in history. The Harry Potter books have sold more than any other copyrighted book ever (the Bible is in the public domain). In addition to making reading fun for a gazillion kids, the Potter books bring in money by the bucketful. Yet Harryís American publisher Scholastic is struggling to right itself.

Jack Nicklaus Says Good-bye to British Open Crowd -- Only the Scots could invent a game that teaches humility with every shot. There are few arrogant jackasses in professional golf because their character doesnít permit them to excel. Among touring pros, this inbred humility allows them to express their special admiration for Jack Nicklaus, who said farewell to the British Open on Friday, missing the cut by 3 strokes. They are all unashamedly standing on his shoulders.

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