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1 August 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 91
Senator Frist Changes Mind Again on Stem Cell Funding -- Washington, DC has a very corrosive climate for people with integrity. It gets under the skin and eats away at things like principle, knowledge and wisdom. Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) came to the Senate with the respect of this journal as a man of science. He has since proved that he is politically inept, and his recent reversal of his reversal on stem cell research and its funding has sent his stock to new depths.

Niger Famine Aid is Too Late for Many -- In the last lifetime or so, the story of Africans starving and the world only paying attention when dying babies are on TV is growing tiresome. Biafra was one of the first, and Ethiopia gave the world Live-Aid and a couple of sing-able Christmas tunes. Now, it’s Niger where 800,000 children are severely malnourished in a nation of 12 million human beings – and had help come back in November 2004 when the first requests came, there would be almost no suffering at all.

Atkins Nutritionals Files Chapter 11 -- In a nation like America, where most adults are encumbered by an extra ten or hundred pounds around the middle, selling dieting product should be a slam-dunk path to profitability. The experience of Atkins Nutritionals, which took off thanks to a convenient fad, shows that this is not the case. The company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week because its bottom-line was way too thin.

US Proposes End of Time as We Know It -- The US government has a proposal before the International Telecommunications Union that is just about as insane as anything a government could suggest. If accepted, the day on planet Earth would be declared to be 24 hours exactly. Now, since the moon drags on the Earth a bit, it takes just a little longer for the planet to spin once on its axis, and humanity on occasion adds a bonus second (a “leap second”) to December 31 to re-align the clocks and the universe. The American government doesn’t care – the extra second is hard for computers to handle and so, people are being told to change.

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