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24 August 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 101
Reverend Pat Robertson Calls for Assassination of Venezuela’s President -- Conservative evangelist Pat Robertson claims to be a Christian, but his most recent pronouncement on world affairs suggests that he is definitely not. God gave Moses 10 Commandments, which included an injunction against killing – “Thou shalt not kill” is pretty clear. Jesus bar Joseph of Nazareth may have changed much of Judaism, but nowhere did he undo that particular law. Yet, the “Reverend” Robertson thinks it would be a good idea for the US to kill Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Sunnis Balk at Shi’ite, Kurdish Constitution -- The committee charged with drafting a new constitution for Iraq handed in its homework on Monday -- a week late. However, since the committee had been granted an extension, points won’t come off for tardiness. Instead, the reaction of Sunni leaders suggest the project will be marked as incomplete if not a failure.

Free Satellite TV if Town Changes Name to DISH -- The reach of the corporation continues to expand, and America seems glad to ignore the warnings of the late Abraham Lincoln about its undue power and influence. The latest from EchoStar, a provider of satellite TV programming, offers free satellite broadcasting to an entire town. The only requirement is that any municipality wanting such services must change its name to DISH – as in Dish TV, EchoStar’s consumer brand name.

“Six Feet Under” Passes Away -- A serial drama about a funeral home isn’t the most promising of TV settings. Yet HBO’s “Six Feet Under” managed to move beyond cult hit into a critically acclaimed series. In confronting the one taboo America still has – death and dying – it broke some new ground. Despite wandering a bit in a few of its story arcs, it was a solid and reliable adult drama. The finale, which aired Sunday, came two episodes late, but the final few minutes rounded out the story in an artistic and satisfying fashion.

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