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26 August 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 102
US to Close Walter Reed, Open Navy Base in Romania, Keep Subs -- The US military definitely needs to reposition its troops, but the current base closing debate has nothing to do with getting the troops in Iraq out. Instead, the Base Closure and Realignment Commission’s work is about positioning military assets properly for the threats faced by the nation in the 21st century. Much can be read into the decision to close Walter Reed Army Hospital. More comes from the decision to set up a naval base in Romania. But in the end, the retention of the submarine base in New London proves that politics is still supreme.

Iraqi Shi’ite Civil War Underway -- Whether the US government cares to use the term “Iraqi Civil War” or not, that is an accurate description of the situation in Mesopotamia. On Wednesday, that war took on a twist as the Shi’ite community in Iraq erupted into a civil war of its own. Pro-government Shi’ites of the Badr militia attacked and burned the offices of anti-government Moqtada Sadr, a man who years from know will be known as Iraq’s Ayatollah Khomeini

Hawaii Caps Gas Prices -- The state of Hawaii has decided to cap wholesale gasoline prices in an effort to cope with rising crude prices and the effects it has on the people of the islands. As any student of economics knows, holding prices artificially low results in over-consumption and shortage of a good. The Hawaiian government may just have made its situation worse. Good thing the islands aren’t conducive to major freeways.

Beloit College Publishes Mindset List for Class of 2009 -- The Kensington Review has an inveterate hatred of lists in the media. They usually exist to promote something in an intellectually facile way, jamming maximum nonsense into a minimum of space, and they get handed to a journalist short of copy as a deadline approaches. A glorious exception is the Beloit College Mindset List that comes out every autumn. It provides a snapshot of the world as seen by the 18-year-olds entering college as freshmen. To call it unsettling is to betray one’s age.

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