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9 September 2005

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Volume IV, Number 108
GOP Says Tax Cuts Will Happen Despite Katrina -- The Republican leadership in Congress has delivered each and every tax cut demand made by President George “Nero” Bush. The tab for the war in Iraq could be anywhere between $200 billion and half a trillion dollars by now, and it’s rising. Meanwhile, about $51.8 billion is needed to start cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina, and that’s likely to rise to the $100 billion mark before all the bodies are buried. Yet, news from Capitol Hill is that more tax cuts are on the way. One wonders at what point such fiscal irresponsibility becomes treason.

Mubarak Steals Egyptian Election -- Since the Free Officers toppled the Egyptian monarchy, the job of President of Egypt has not been filled with the consent of the governed. Hosni Mubarak, president since the murder of Anwar Sadat in 1981, this week tried to gain some legitimacy for his regime by actually holding a multi-candidate ballot for the position. In the end, he remained true to type and relied on intimidation, fraud and multiple voting to stay in power. Not unlike an election in Florida.

Price Gouging is a Matter of Perception -- The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial earlier this week that essentially said gasoline price gouging in the Gulf region was good for the country. Of course, whenever a labor union tries to gouge shareholders for more than a pittance, the same editorial page is covered with demands to shoot the plebs where the stand. But the question is a valid one; just where does a reasonable mark-up in a shortage situation become unreasonable?

Best Champagne in the World: Tesco’s -- Reason notwithstanding, the everday drink known as "champagne" is still associated with men in tuxedos, women in evening gowns and wall-to-wall elegance. Indeed, the hip-hop culture’s fascination with Cristal underscores how even the underclass (or wannabe underclass) sees bubbly as sophistication. Thus, one takes great delight in noting that the International Wine Challenge awards named a £15 a bottle from a supermarket as the best non-vintage champagne in the world. The ad campaign will likely be “Impress the sommelier and order Tesco Premier Cru.”

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