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12 September 2005

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Volume IV, Number 109
GOP Says Tax Cuts Will Happen Despite Katrina -- The Republican leadership in Congress has delivered each and every tax cut demand made by President George ďNeroĒ Bush. The tab for the war in Iraq could be anywhere between $200 billion and half a trillion dollars by now, and itís rising. Meanwhile, about $51.8 billion is needed to start cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina, and thatís likely to rise to the $100 billion mark before all the bodies are buried. Yet, news from Capitol Hill is that more tax cuts are on the way. One wonders at what point such fiscal irresponsibility becomes treason.

Japanís Koizumi Wins Re-Election in a Landslide -- Junichiro Koizumi already has a record as one of post-war Japanís more effective prime ministers. Heís managed to get the economy to grow, heís managed to deploy military forces abroad despite a constitution that circumscribes such use of power, and heís served longer than anyone else in the job for two decades. However, his election victory over the week-end will change not only the Japanese economy for the better, but it has also changed the ruling Liberal Democrats sedate, rural focus.

BIC Sells 100 Millionth Ball Point Pen -- Baron Marcel Bich is not a household name, largely because of the ďHĒ at the end. But his BIC disposable pens are an integral part of modern life. Before he started turning out his goods, ballpoint pens constantly leaked and were rather expensive at $5 in the 1940s. Monsieur le Baronís company, now run by his son Bruno, changed all that, and last week sold its 100,000,000th pen.

England's Cricketers Take Ashes from Australia -- Without a doubt, this was the best Ashes cricket series in a very long time. Australiaís XI have dominated international cricket for the better part of 20 years. Englandís XI are the best side the Mother Country has fielded since Ian Botham and Geoff Boycott played while Mrs. Thatcher ran the country into the ground. The only flaw in this series, which England took 2-1, was that it had to end.

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