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14 September 2005

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Volume IV, Number 110
FEMA Chief Brown Resigns, Pattern of Failure Persists -- Mike Brown, former head of the International Arabian Horse Association and glorified intern in Edmond, Oklahoma, resigned on Monday as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was a job he did poorly because he had no experience in the field, in a word “unqualified.” Fair enough, but the Bush administration still suffers from qualified people who are failing, year in and year out.

Ulster is Burning as “Loyalists” Riot -- Parades have to be the most boring and simply dumbest form of public entertainment. A bunch of people standing on the sidewalk cheering as another bunch walks by, even if called a “Roman Triumph,” is not quite as exciting as slug racing. But in Northern Ireland, the locals have added violence to parading; while it may make the event more exciting, it merely reminds the rest of the world that this place is a mess.

Branson Wants to Build Oil Refinery -- Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airways, pays much more than the rest of the world for energy. Since his airline consumes so much of it, that is only fair. What he says isn’t fair is the lack of refining capacity. He’s so sure that an increase in refining capacity is the key to future success that he’s serious thinking about building his own facility.

Latest Razor Offers Five Blades, Battery, Micro-Chip -- In one-upsmanship reminiscent of the Cold War (where the stakes were much higher, though the logic no better), razor manufacturers have been on an upward spiral in the number of blades they provide in a single cartridge for some time. First, it was the twin blade. Then, three blades in one cartridge. Which inevitably led to four. Today, Gillette has announced the shaving equivalent of the SS-20 or MX PeaceKeeper missile – a five-bladed razor with a battery and microchip called the Fusion. It’s enough to make one grow a beard.

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