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16 September 2005

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Volume IV, Number 111
Bush Will Spend $200 Billion to Clean up after Katrina -- Last night, George “Nero” Bush tried to convince the American people that he was getting on top of the mess Hurricane Katrina made of the Deep South. His 20 minute speech from Jackson Square in New Orleans was not his finest performance, but it may have stopped the hemorrhage of popularity from his administration. However, there is a political cost to this – he may have lost part of his conservative base with a Rooseveltian scheme of massive government spending.

Canada’s Ontario Province to Ban Religious Family Tribunals -- Since 1991, citizens of Ontario, Canada, have been able to use Catholic or Jewish tribunals to settle family law matters. Now that certain Muslim residents of the province want to use Islamic law to settle similar issues, Premier Dalton McGuinty has said he wants to ban them all. He said, “There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.” Amen.

Delta and Northwest File Chapter 11 on the Same Day -- In the last issue of 2004, this journal predicted a number of things for 2005, including “a major airline currently not under bankruptcy protection will file under Chapter 11.” Wednesday after the stock market closed, both Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines (could the industry at least agree on whether “airlines” is one word or two?) filed paperwork to do that. Chapter 11 allows them to continue flying without harassment from their creditors. But with fuel prices and pension commitments being what they are, liquidation may make more sense.

Fundraising Goes over the Top with MMMBop and Body Waxing -- One of the finer facets of American civil culture is the way many people don’t wait around for someone else to do something when trouble hits. While only government can marshal the needed resources to resurrect the Gulf Coast, people from all over are pitching in to raise a few dollars here and there. While the amounts won’t make much of a difference over all, these expressions of solidarity may make being an evacuee a little easier to stomach.

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