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3 October 2005

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Volume IV, Number 118
Bush Selects Harriet Miers to Fill O’Connor’s Seat -- President Bush has once again opted for someone he knows in filling a government job. However, in selecting Harriet Miers to succeed Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court, he’s made a choice with which the entire country must live for many years after he has gone. The choice is not a priori a bad selection, but it does little to dispel the belief that Mr. Bush is incapable of broadening the national talent pool beyond his own small cabal.

Austria Derails EU-Turkey Membership Talks -- Twice in history have the Turks invaded Europe only to be turned back at Vienna, 1529 and again in 1683. The third time does not appear to be the charm. Turkey, a modernizing aspirant for EU membership for decades, is again having trouble from Vienna. Austria, alone among the 25 EU members, wants to offer Ankara something less than full membership. The Turks have refused a “privileged partnership,” which the Austrians have proposed. Today’s opening ceremony for the inauguration of negotiations has had to be postponed. Here it is, proof that Europe is incapable of acting like a world power.

Muslim Common Market Secretariat Established -- Every so often an idea comes along that makes so much sense one is embarrassed for not having thought of it oneself. Such is the proposed Islamic Free Trade Zone. The World Islamic Economic Forum held under the auspices of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) wrapped up a three-day chin-wag with just that idea. In the immortal words of the shoe manufacturer, “Just Do It.”

Yankees and Red Sox Tie, Title Decided Stupidly -- Regular readers will by now be familiar with the general contempt in which this journal holds the owners and bureaucrats of Major League Baseball. The great American pastime, as perfect an afternoon’s sport as can be imagined, is in the hands of the criminally stupid. The latest proof of this comes in the way the American League Eastern Division title went to the New York Yankees (95 wins and 67 losses) rather than the Boston Red Sox (95 wins and 67 losses) – a foolish comparison of head-to-head play.

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