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7 October 2005

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Volume IV, Number 120
Bush Threatens to Veto Defense Appropriations Bill over Prisoner Treatment -- Kafka couldn’t write it better. The US Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, has passed a defense appropriations bill running to $440 billion. It has included language demanding that American troops follow the US Army Field Manual in dealing with prisoners, and that specifically, the Senate wants those in US custody to be spared “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” President Bush, also a Republican, has threatened to veto this bill – during a war he started in Iraq – if the language remains.

Mugabe Admits There's Starvation in Zimbabwe -- It wasn’t very many days ago when Robert Mugabe, president and dictator of Zimbabwe, announced to the UN that all of the people in his country were “extremely happy.” He said those who couldn’t find maize meal (the staple of the nation) could buy potatoes instead. Now, his government is admitting that 2.2 million Zimbabweans need food assistance. This is a nation that is “sleepwalking toward disaster,” and the continued existence of the Mugabe regime is a crime against humanity.

Google-Sun Alliance Minimal Threat to Microsoft -- The announcement from Google and Sun Microsystems that they are going to team up got many a pundits’ tongue wagging about the challenge the alliance poses to Microsoft’s market position. They could be further from the truth, but not by much. Microsoft will continue to control the operating system market for as long as a commercial OS business model remains viable. That, however, may not be permanent, but any change will come from consumers rather than suppliers of computer software.

Nobel Goes to Researchers Who Challenged Conventional Wisdom on Ulcers -- A couple of decades ago, everyone “knew” that stomach ulcers were caused by lifestyle shortcomings. In short, stress was the culprit and avoiding certain foods would take care of some of it. Instead, two scientists noticed that ulcers had Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in them. A few experiments to confirm their suspicions and a few papers in peer-review journals, and everybody now knows better. And Robin Warren and Barry Marshall have a Nobel for Medicine.

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