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24 October 2005

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Volume IV, Number 127
Questions the Senators Should Ask Harriet Miers -- The upcoming hearings for the confirmation of Harriet Miers' appointment to the Supreme Court are, in the opinions of all those who care and many who don’t, make or break for the nominee. A lawyer with no experience on the bench and not much of a paper trail, Ms. Miers has left little evidence of her intentions. So, with that in mind, there are a few questions that the Senators should ask.

Mehlis Report on Hariri Assassination Points to Syria -- While the conspiracy theorist have maintained that the US was going to attack Iran after it marched into Baghdad, the pretext was never there. A nuclear program that is permitted under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (generating electricity with uranium is OK) was not going to be sufficient after the Bush administration misled the world with its weapons of mass destruction claims against Iraq. However, a pretty good pretext for attacking Syria has arisen with the UN report that fingers Syrian leaders as the murderers of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Now, the fun begins.

Drax Power’s £136 Million Windfall is Deserved -- The story is an old one. Management screws up a company horribly, fires a huge portion of the staff, and gives itself seven figure bonuses to celebrate. Drax Power, a UK-based utility, is not one of those stories. Instead, the company is about to get a £136 million helicopter drop of money that will go to management and staff alike because they earned it.

Steve Martin Wins Mark Twain Humor Award -- Although he wrote for the Smothers Brothers back when they were on TV in the 1960s, most Americans first discovered Steve Martin on the “Tonight Show” or “Saturday Night Live” with a banjo in his hand and a fake arrow-through-the-head novelty prop. The “Wild and Crazy Guy” is gone but not forgotten, and he is now recognized as one of America’s most amusing screenwriters and actors. He has just won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

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