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9 November 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 134
Election 2005 Tough on GOP -- In America, every November has some election or other going on. In 2005, a year without any congressional races, only a handful of contests were fought, but they did carry some importance. The Democrats won the governors’ mansions in New Jersey and Virginia, the GOP retained Gracie Mansion where the Mayor of New York lives, and four referenda in California backed by movie-star Governor Schwarzeneggar went down to defeat. It was a bad night for the Republicans, but this is a snapshot only. A year from now, everything could be different; after all, a year ago, everything was different.

Blair Loses Terror Law Vote -- Prime Minister Tony Blair has been at Number 10 Downing Street since 1997, and for the first time, he has lost a significant vote in the House of Commons. On a vote of 322 against, 291 for, the House decided not to extend the time the police could hold a terror suspect from 14 days to 90. While he didn’t make it a vote of confidence, which would have forced his resignation, Mr. Blair made a great to-do over it, even calling the Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer back from overseas visits. The defeat now brings forward the end of the Blair Years.

Alpha One Airways Launched by 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur -- Getting a job in Britain is tough for a 19-year-old, especially one who has given up his A-Level studies. And it is all the more difficult for one who wants a job in aviation. So what does one do with a pilot’s license and no A-Levels? For Martin Halstead of Oxfordshire, the answer was “start an airline.” Alpha One Airways had its maiden flight on Monday from Southampton to the Isle of Man.

Terrell Owens Sacked by Philadelphia Eagles -- Terrell Owens is an immensely talented football player. The Philadelphia Eagles believed he could help them win a Super Bowl before his stormy personality disrupted the team too severely. They were wrong. Mr. Owens has been benched for four games, he will be deactivated for the rest of the year and dropped permanently (if not traded) by the team after that. His ego is the problem.

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