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16 November 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 137
Senate Calls for “Significant Transition to Full Iraqi Sovereignty” in 2006 -- The legislature in the US is starting to act like a co-equal branch of government. Yesterday, the US Senate entertained two plans to get some sort of resolution to the Iraq mess. The Democratic version, which called for a timetable for gradual US troop withdrawals, went down in flames 50-48, but the Republican approach passed 79-19. Both were non-binding, but the GOP approved approach is in the defense bill under consideration in the Senate. It’s a long way from an exit strategy, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Rice Brokers Gaza Deal between Israel and Palestinians -- Condoleeza Rice is a very brilliant and talented woman whose appalling judgment in international relations is a matter of record. Nonetheless, she did just pull off something of a coup for herself, her boss and the people in Israel and Gaza. She stayed on an extra day in Jerusalem earlier this week, put her own reputation on the line (the value of which is doubtful), and managed to get an agreement opening a border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Dr. Rice won one for everybody.

Guidant Accepts Johnson & Johnson's Reduced Offer -- Johnson & Johnson had made a deal to buy rival medical device maker Guidant for about $25.4 billion. Then, Guidant got into some legal troubles over pace-makers that, in at least one case, shorted out and killed a patient. The brinkmanship that ensued went on for months but was resolved on Monday with the acceptance of J&J’s lowered offer – of around $19 billion. Some say that Guidant blinked, that J&J won, but this was more a case of grown-ups doing what was right and necessary.

A-Rod is AL MVP; Seriously, He Is -- The Baseball Writers’ Association of America voted Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees the American League’s Most Valuable Player for the 2005 season. A-Rod hit .133 against the California [or Anaheim, or Los Angeles] Angels in the division series, and spent the World Series watching TV (or playing poker in illegal clubs). Did the writers lose their minds, or develop an insane sense of humor? No, they merely voted before the playoffs, back when Mr. Rodriguez looked good, on paper.

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