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23 November 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 140
US Finally Charges Padilla -- Jose Padilla is probably something of a non-entity. Then again, so was Lee Harvey Oswald. Mr. Padilla is alleged to have plotted to attack the US with radiological weapons and to blow up apartment buildings using natural gas they use for heat. He should have been arrested, charged and tried. Instead, the Bush administration labeled him an “enemy combatant” and denied him access to the courts for three years – a lousy way to treat a US citizen, even a non-entity. Yesterday, he finally got an indictment and due process began.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Elected President of Liberia -- Early this morning, despite charges of fraud, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was declared the winner of Liberia’s presidential election, with just under 60% of the vote. Her rival, former soccer star George Weah (2000 FA Cup with Chelsea FC and much more), garnered 40% and a bit but has protested vehemently that he was cheated. Maybe he was, but he should let it go. His future in Liberian politics is golden if he does.

Buffet Likes Bud and Wal-Mart -- Warren Buffet is the kind of investor hero Wall Street needs. As America’s second richest man, and the richest whose company doesn’t make crap, lesser mortals can benefit greatly by swimming with the shark. Berkshire Hathaway, the company that he’s made into an investment powerhouse, has posted its holdings with the SEC, and it makes for some interesting reading. Most notably, the Sage of Omaha is a believer in Budweiser and in Wal-Mart.

Ted Koppel Departs the “Nightline” Set -- Ted Koppel has been a feature on American TV filling in the American viewing public on the day's events in-depth and intelligently for a quarter of a century. He said “good-bye” to his audience on Tuesday night, with a warning that the new team of three anchors who will take over need to be given every chance to succeed by the viewers. If not, he said the network would put on another comedy – which is not what America needs.

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