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25 November 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 141
Bush Increases Pressure on Zimbabwe -- The criminal regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe got a kick in the pants on Wednesday from the Bush administration. The American president signed an executive order that increased economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, specifically freezing the assets of 128 individuals and 33 entities that the White House says are slowing the cause of reform. While the value of economic sanctions is dubious at best, it is reassuring to know that Mr. Bush has forgotten how to use power that doesnít wear a uniform.

Iraqi Leaders Call for Timetable on Withdrawal of Foreign Troops -- Last week, the US House of Representatives held a debate on when and how to withdraw American troops from Iraq. The two sides appeared to be those who want the US to leave sooner rather than later and those who want to prop up a puppet regime at any cost. Missing from all of this is what the Iraqis want. A couple of days ago in Cairo, leading Iraqis got together to state their position. They say it is time to schedule the departure of all non-Iraqi troops from the country.

EU Agrees to Cut Sugar Support Prices -- Sugar is one of the cash crops the poorer countries of the world can grow at a significant advantage to trade their way to prosperity. So, the fact that the US and European Union protect their domestic sugar industries is not only a needless tax on their consumers, but also it is a roadblock to alleviating global poverty. The announcement yesterday that the EU has agreed among its member nations to cut the support price for domestic sugar growers by 36% over the next 4 years is good news for everyone.

Soccer Anti-Hero George Best Dies -- George Best died at the age of 59 in the wee hours of this morning. Without a doubt, he was one of the greatest soccer talents of his generation. Without a doubt, he threw away the chance to prove it. If there are any memorials to him, let them be for his feet and not his head. George Best, may he rest in peace, was a fine example of why athletes should not be made into heroes. They arenít made of the right stuff

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