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2 December 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 144
Bush Says America’s Strategy is a Fighting Withdrawal -- After 986 days of fighting, President Bush explained to America the US strategy for the “cakewalk” war in Iraq. Or at least, the White House put out a business school-style memo three dozen pages long full of rather meaningless nonsense, and the president spoke to cadets at the Naval Academy about how he believes the war is going. Somewhere in all of it, there is a strategy, despite Democratic carping. Quite simply, it is the most difficult of military actions – a fighting withdrawal.

Lord Turner’s Report Shows Way out of UK Pension Mess -- When the lead opinion articles in The Times [not the New York one], the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph agree, something unusual has happened in Britain. This week, that happens to be the report by Lord Turner on the UK pension system. Acting like a philosopher king (or at least like the vice-chairman at Merrill Lynch Europe that he is), he has come up with a solution that spreads what little pain is actually necessary. Pity the Chancellor doesn't seem to like it.

Blackberry Patent Case Won’t Hurt E-Mail Addicts -- Blackberries are the device of the wired generation. Up and down Wall Street and other such places, men and women walk along punching buttons to send and receive e-mails, organize their lives and otherwise build up their own sense of self-importance. The fact that a patent dispute may crash the entire Blackberry empire has many of them in tears. There is, of course, only miscalculation to fear, as no one gains if the case isn’t settled.

Inventor Creates “Mosquito” to Silence Teens -- Howard Stapleton has stuck back against juvenile delinquents by giving obstreperous teens a taste of their own medicine. His invention, dubbed the “Mosquito,” doesn’t harm, lecture, incarcerate or engage in other ineffective methods. It does to teens what they have done to the world since the dawn of time – it annoys using noise. The twist is no one over 30 car hear it.

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