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7 December 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 146
Supreme Court to Consider Pentagon Recruitment at Law Schools -- Every once in a while, a legal case turns up in which everybody involved seems to be in the wrong. Such is Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, et al., v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, Inc., et al. The Forum is arguing about its free speech rights in banning military recruiters from campuses, and the government is arguing contract law. While there’s some truth in each approach, neither argument has much to do with justice.

David Cameron Wins Conservative Party Leadership -- David Cameron was elected top man in the British Conservative Party in a postal ballot, the results of which were announced yesterday. About two Tories in three preferred him to David Davis, and the Conservatives have announced themselves pleased with their fourth leader since losing the 1997 election. They might be wise to keep their expectations low; they’ve selected a cheery toff who doesn’t look to be very prime ministerial.

Gold Tops $500 Exciting the Gullible -- Gold bugs are fascinating people. They look like normal people, plain folks one might meet at church, in the mall or at work. But there is something very different about them. One cannot reason with them. As gold rose this week to a 22-year high, all the talk from these people was about how gold was coming back. If only the economics of the metal supported their belief.

Fuss over “King Kong” Unfathomable -- Reviewing a film one hasn’t seen is never a good idea. But then, this isn’t a review of the new Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson film. Instead, it is a confession. The new “King Kong” is undoubtedly a legendary work brought to life by one of the world’s truly great cinema visionaries. Try as one might, though, its appeal exists in the minds of others. The story is dull and stupid, and why one film was made (let alone several) is mind boggling.

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