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12 December 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 148
Democrats Tweak Primary Arrangements, Don’t Fix Problems -- The Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling is a taskforce in the Democratic Party charged with changing the rules by which the party chooses in presidential nominee. It approved some changes on Saturday that will have the chattering classes arguing two years from now about their wisdom and their impact on the election. However, the taskforce has failed to address three fundamental issues successfully: the dichotomy of choosing a leader and choosing a winner, the exceptional influence of rural voters, and the desire to force an early result on the party.

Australia Suffers Second Day of Race Riots -- The French aren’t the only ones who have a problem integrating Muslims into their society. At least, that is the conclusion one draws from a second day of rioting in Sydney, Australia, between white youths and those of Middle Eastern, Muslim origin. It is ugly, painful to watch, and entirely contrary to what the nation wants to be in the 21st century.

Typo Costs Japanese Stock Company $225 Million -- “To err is human, to really screw up requires a computer.” But put the two together, and no end of trouble can result. Thursday morning of last week, such an event occurred on the Tokyo Stock Exchange when a typographical error in a trading order caused Mizuho Securities to sell 610,000 shares in a company at ¥1 each. Unfortunately, the order should have been one share at ¥610,000. A bit of proofreading could have saved the company ¥27 billion – about US$225 million.

Richard Pryor Leaves Them Laughing -- Richard Pryor changed comedy in the English-speaking world. He would have laughed at that line for its pompous tone, but then, like his own comedy, the laughter rests on truth. At the end of his 65 years, multiple sclerosis had imprisoned him in a body that refused to cooperate. One prefers to think of him standing on stage with a microphone, forever young and funny.

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