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19 December 2005

Latest Commentary: Volume IV, Number 151
President Bush Finishes Charm Offensive on Iraq -- The excellent Sunday night programming on Fox was delayed for a while last night as President Bush addressed the American people on the subject by which history will judge him, Iraq. It was the first time since he launched his war of aggression against Iraq that he has spoken from the Oval Office on the subject, and it was the first time he waved an olive branch at his domestic detractors, admitting mistakes. He now reminds one of President Lyndon Johnson so much that one expected to see his appendectomy scar before the speech ended.

Evo Morales Wins Bolivian Presidency -- Evo Morales, a socialist former coca grower, is going to be Bolivia’s next president. Either he earned 50%+1 of the vote in yesterday’s election, or he came so close that the legislature will have to give him the job as per the constitution. A proud friend of Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, he has said his election is a nightmare for Washington. Unsettling, perhaps, but not terrifying is more accurate. However, he does have the capacity to be a nightmare for his own people.

Hong Kong Trade Talks a Qualified Success -- The delegates at the Hong Kong talks on world trade managed to get a deal on the elimination of farm subsidies by 2013 a few days ago. That means eight more years of unfair agricultural trade, at the end of which, farmers in rich countries will still not be weaned from their subsidies. However, it does put negotiations back on track for some kind of broader deal in 2006. As the EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson said, it was enough to avoid failure but not a success in its own right.

Chargers Halt Colts' Drive for Perfection -- Up until yesterday, the Indianapolis Colts (which still looks wrong – the Colts belong in Baltimore), had a chance to do what no NFL team has done since 1972, go undefeated. Had they done so, their effort would have been more spectacular than the famous Miami Dolphins team since the NFL has added 2 games to the season since 1972. The San Diego Chargers, however, ended the Colts efforts at perfection for the year, winning 26-17 in Indianapolis.

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