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4 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 2
Justice Department to Probe NSA Leak, Not Spying -- The White House has decided that the recent leak to the press that the NSA has been spying on US citizens without warrants should be investigated. The administration is upset that its violations of the constitution came to light, and therefore, George “Lyndon” Bush and his cronies want a criminal investigation and prosecution. Whoever leaked the news to the press should step forward – to claim his medal and cash prize for protecting the Republic.

Russian-Ukrainian Gas Dispute about More than Energy -- The energy markets in Europe were rocked as 2006 began by a dispute between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas supplies. Russia wanted to raise the price more than fourfold, and Ukraine refused to accept that. Russia then turned off the gas to Ukraine, while the Ukrainians took gas from the pipeline that crosses their territory that was meant for Western European markets – or so the Russians said. Whatever the truth, this is about a lot more than the price of gas.

International Caviar Trade Banned -- The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora [CITES] has ordered a halt to the international caviar trade. The exporting countries haven’t provided necessary information on sturgeon stocks to allow proper quotas to be published, so for now, no more caviar exports. Imbibers of champagne or iced vodka will have to find something else on which to nibble for a while.

McCourt’s Teacher Man is a Gem -- Frank McCourt’s Angela's Ashes was a rare event in literature, a first book, a memoir, that won a Pulitzer for the author. However, Mr. McCourt had a “miserable Irish Catholic childhood” upon which to draw. His second book, 'Tis, described his early years in America and just isn’t as good. One wondered if the fellow had but the one book in him (many authors are one hit wonders, and that’s nothing of which to be ashamed). With Teacher Man, which recounts his time teaching in the New York Public School System, Mr. McCourt proves the first book wasn’t a fluke.

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