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6 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 3
Presidential Signing Statement Contradicts Congressional Torture Ban -- Under the American constitution, when congress passes a law, the president must either veto it or sign it and live by its provisions. George “Lyndon” Bush doesn’t like playing by the rules. He has reserved the right to ignore the recent ban on torture passed by congress with a "signing statement." This is a power grab that even this lethargic and mindless congress may resist. If not, the fuhrerprinzip (the leader’s will is law) may yet wind up part of the American political and legal landscape. Perhaps it already is; in his first term alone, he issued signing statements 108 times.

Sharon’s Stroke is Another Blow to Peace -- This journal has maintained since its inception that no one in the Middle East really wants peace badly enough to get it. Now, it seems Fate doesn’t want peace either. Ariel Sharon, Israel’s warrior prime minister, has suffered a stroke that will put the nation’s politics into limbo for months. While not yet fatal to the PM, his hemorrhage is lethal for peace prospects this year.

Five Million Brits Work Unpaid Overtime -- Five million British workers work unpaid overtime regularly. That is the finding of a survey by the Trades Union Congress, the nation’s largest labor organization. In a workforce of roughly 30 million, that means one in six works without pay some of the time. This is the smallest percentage since 1992 at 19.4%.

Local Affiliates to Pre-Empt NBC’s “Book of Daniel” -- Aidan Quinn’s new series, “The Book of Daniel,” may be the greatest thing since William Shakespeare or the biggest steaming pile of television since reality TV happened. It hasn’t aired yet, so it’s hard to say. However, that hasn’t prevented the Pharisee Right from campaigning against it, which has two affiliates deciding not to show the program on NBC tonight at 9 pm.

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