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13 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 6
Drop Confirmation Hearings Biden Suggests -- Saddam Hussein’s show trial in Baghdad is less scripted than the confirmation hearings the Senate Judiciary Committee held for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, Jr. this week. The process has devolved into senators grandstanding for their most vociferous supporters while the nominee endeavors to avoid answering questions. Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) has suggested scrapping the hearings and going straight to the vote in the Senate – which is how things used to be.

Zimbabwe Misery Starts Riots in South Africa -- The sad state of Zimbabwe has been a regular topic of discussion in this journal. The Mugabe regime is corrupt, incompetent and is not preferable to anarchy. Zimbabweans have, for years, been sneaking into neighboring countries looking for jobs and food. While the American media has said nothing about them, there have been riots in South Africa for a week and a half caused by deportation of “illegal” immigrants from Zimbabwe.

US Trade Deficit Shrinks -- In Econ 101, the instructor will explain a trade deficit by saying it exists when a nation exports less in value than it imports and move on to other things. However, there is a great deal that hinges on a country’s balance (or imbalance) of trade. So, it is good news that the US trade deficit for November shrank from its October level by 5.8%. The not-so-good news is that October’s was a record high deficit, while the dollar strengthened on the good news.

Jeans Makers to Create iPod Pocket -- Apple, the little computer company that could and does, finishes its MacWorld Expo in San Francisco today. The geek world was abuzz with what new and way cool stuff Steve Jobs would offer the technophiles, and they were given a few things to hold them over for a bit. However, the iPod remains the device of the 21st century. Levi Strauss is even changing the way it makes blue jeans to accommodate them.

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