The Kensington Review

20 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 9
Ethics Reforms Will Fail Without Enforcement -- The Republican Party on Capitol Hill has suddenly realized that being seen as corrupt is bad for re-election prospects. In a fit of righteous indignation against itself, and largely due to the indictment of Jack “Gotta Sing” Abramoff, the leadership of congress has stepped forward with tougher ethics rules for members of congress. Unfortunately, new rules without real enforcement will be meaningless, and no one in congress has much of an interest in that.

Rice Shifts US Diplomats to Improve “Transformational Diplomacy” -- Condoleeza Rice, as this journal has said before, is a brilliant and talented woman whose judgment is just plain awful. She has proved her inability to understand the world community yet again with her decision to shift US diplomats out of Europe and into places like India, Nigeria and China. Her purpose is to boost America’s presence in these areas. Her purpose is founded on an incorrect analysis of both the value of diplomacy and the current global situation.

Livedoor Investigation Knocks Japanese Investors -- Livedoor Co., a Japanese internet company, had its offices raided late Monday, and investigators confiscated computers and records. The company is suspected of misleading the market about its finances, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange had to close early on Wednesday because of the volume of sell orders. Young Turk CEO Takafumi Horie (who wears T-shirts rather than suits and who tried to takeover Fuji TV a while ago) is still reassuring the market that all is well. The apparent suicide of a financier involved with a Livedoor transaction after being questioned by prosecutors adds to the nasty brew.

Fox’s “Skating with Celebrities” is a Non-Event -- Fox, the same network that brought America “Married with Children,” “The Simpsons,” and “Malcolm in the Middle,” trotted out “Skating with Celebrities” on Wednesday in a desperate attempt to keep people watching after the season premier of “American Idol.” After viewing, one can only marvel at the fortitude and diligence of the Kensington Review in suffering through it for the benefit of its readers.

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