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23 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 10
AG Gonzalez Defends NSA Warrantless Spying -- Late last week, Attorney General of the United States Alberto Gonzalez handed Congress a 42-page report defending the warrantless domestic spying undertaken by the National Security Agency since September 11, 2001. The Congressional Research Service earlier in the month issued a report that took a less clear-cut view. As a matter of legal reasoning, one must side with the CRS because the Gonzalez brief is at best wrong and at worst deceitful.

Shi’ites and Kurds Can Ignore Iraq’s Sunni Arabs -- The results for the December election in Iraq became more or less official on Friday, with all parties having 5 days to protest the result. While there will be some, there won’t be any seats won or lost during this rubber-stamp appeal. The western media seemed pleased to report that the Shi’ites didn’t get a majority of seats and that when combined with the Kurdish alliance, the necessary 2/3 to amend the constitution isn’t there. “The Sunnis are needed” was the message. Apparently, no one in the western media can count.

China’s Trade Surplus More than Triples to Almost $102 Billion -- The People’s Republic of China, a communist dictatorship in which the people have no say in how they are governed, is running a big trade surplus with most of the rest of the world. The country just reported that it has $101.88 billion more coming in from trade than it had going out in 2005. That’s up from $32 billion in 2004, and it creates an interesting set of problems for China’s economic rulers.

“Underworld Evolution” is What’s Wrong with Movies -- The number one movie in America this week-end earned $27.6 million. It didn’t win a Golden Globe, and one can expect nothing on Oscar night either. "Underworld Evolution" is everything that is wrong with movies today.

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