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30 January 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 13
US Negotiates with Iraqi Insurgents -- The standard sound bite from the US government is “America does not negotiate with terrorists.” That is true; when America needs to negotiate with someone, the label gets changed. Thus, the negotiations in Iraq reported on by Newsweek aren’t negotiations with terrorists. They are between the US and “senior members of the leadership” of the Iraqi insurgency. Practicality is finally yielding to ideology, and it is about time.

West Threatens to Cut off Palestinian Aid after Hamas Victory -- Actions have consequences. The Palestinian people elected Hamas to power in last week’s elections, and that will have consequences. It affects Israel, the greater Mid-East, the US, Europe and the Palestinian people. The most direct and obvious effect will be on the treasury of the Palestinian authority. Much aid will vanish, and the Palestinians have only themselves to blame.

Alan Greenspan Gets an “A-” -- Alan Greenspan is leaving the Federal Reserve tomorrow, and Ben Bernanke takes over. During his tenure at the Fed, Mr. Greenspan has been a steady voice, often at odds with other actors in the macroeconomic world, and a man who speaks a version of the English language that is opaque squared. He leaves with great respect in the world, and his successor has big shoes to fill. His performance over the last 18 ˝ years gets an “A-”.

Michelle Kwan Makes Olympic Team -- Michelle Kwan is a brilliant talent as a figure skater. At 25, though, this could be her last shot at the one championship that has eluded her throughout her career – the Winter Olympics. Had it not been for overt favoritism and a US Figure Skating Association dedicated to fixing the qualifying process, she would be watching the Turin Games from her home due to injuries earlier this year.

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