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1 February 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 14
Bush Delivers State of His Presidency Address -- President George “LBJ” Bush gave his annual State of the Union Address last night, and what a difference a year makes. Rather than the Texas swagger and the Bush smirk of last year, the world was treated to a president who is in a great deal of trouble and who knows it. Nonetheless, the presidency is nothing if not a bully pulpit, and Mr. Bush used it last night to shore up his base. The Union is fine, the Bush presidency is shaky.

Iran to Face UN Security Council -- The five veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council have decided that Iran’s nuclear ambitions need to be checked. Monday, the foreign ministers of the US, UK, France, Russia and China met and agreed to refer the case to the Security Council after the International Atomic Energy Agency issues a formal report in March. Iran suggested that that would end all diplomacy on the matter. Quite the reverse is true; this is when a settlement becomes possible.

Exxon Has Most Profitable Year in World History -- Exxon Mobil had a pretty good 2005. Its profits were $10.71 in the fourth quarter and $36.13 for the entire year, the most ever recorded by a company ever. Its revenue of $371 billion makes it bigger than the value of all goods and services in the nation of Belgium. Other oil companies are doing well, and there are rumblings about windfall profits taxes. The current situation cannot persist, but the solution is almost invisible.

Bull Jumps into Stands at Bullfight -- Bullfighting always gets the animal rights activists hot and bothered, and even those who eat steak and wear leather can get a little squeamish as the picadors and matadors do their jobs. In Mexico City over the week-end, a bull managed to leap the barrier and attack spectators in the stands. Good for the bull.

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