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8 February 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 17
Rumsfeld is Right about Corruption Hurting Iraq -- Yesterday, Field Marshall Donald von Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, told the Senate Armed Services Committee, “It’s true that violence, corruption and criminality continue to pose challenges in Iraq.” He’s dead right, and if it doesn’t get settled soon, it will be another nail in the coffin of his Mesopotamian adventure.

UK Jury Gives Abu Hamza Seven Years -- Abu Hamza, who was given the name Mostafa Kamel Mostafa at birth, is a Muslim cleric much in the same sense that Torquemada was a Christian priest. He is a hateful bigot who can’t quite accept the fact that non-Muslims have the same rights to life and freedom of conscience he does. A British jury has just sentenced him to seven years in prison after convicting him on 11 of 15 counts including inciting murder and race hatred.

GM Slashes Dividend and Executive Pay -- America’s soon-to-be second biggest car maker General Motors announced yesterday that it was cutting its dividend and the pay of its executives in an effort to turn itself around. It’s amazing what can happen when an activist shareholder gets a voice on the board of directors. It’s even more amazing what can happen when a company has no choice.

Dozens of New Species Found in Indonesia -- Ecclesiastes chapter I verse 9 states, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Perhaps, but biologists announced yesterday that they had found a valley in Indonesia’s Papua province full of previously unknown species. To paraphrase President Truman, the only new things in the world are plants and animals we haven’t looked for yet.

The Danish flag appears here as a protest against the violence being done to the free press of that country and elsewhere by those offended by some cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. A perceived insult is not an excuse for intimidation and violence, even in the name of the Creator. One cannot insult God, only small-minded men who falsely claim to speak for Him.

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