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15 February 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 20
Congressional Report on Katrina Blasts FEMA, Homeland Security -- One of the amazing things about the disastrous handling of the Hurricane Katrina damage was the resignation of FEMA chief Michael ďHeckuva Job, BrownieĒ Brown. Usually when an incompetent lackey fails miserably in the Bush administration, a medal goes to the bumbler. A congressional select committee report on the mess suggests that Heimatschutzminister Michael Chertoff will get some kind of award for the general ineptitude of his department during August and September 2005.

Former Red Chinese Party Bigwigs Slam Censorship -- The Peopleís Republic of China is a communist dictatorship without a free press, meaningful elections or legal opposition. Its government tortures, imprisons without trial, and shoots at student protesters. China, however, can always surprise, and so it was yesterday. A group of former senior officials sent an open letter to the government complaining about the closure of a newspaper.

EU Wins WTO Appeal against American Tax Breaks for Boeing -- In any legal system, when the court of final appeal speaks on a matter, that is it. Itís over. Finished. Done. Apparently, someone needs to tell the US Congress. The World Trade Organizationís highest court, its appellate body, took the EU side over tax breaks the US gives to Boeing. The EU can now reimpose $4 billion in sanctions, and Congress is taking the view that sanctions are counter-productive and that the US isnít going to change.

Vice Presidentís Accident Shows Press Ignorant of Hunting -- For the comedians, itís a gift from God. The Vice President of the US accidentally shot a hunting buddy. For the anti-Busheviks, itís a scandal that should force him from office. Yet all that anyone has really learned from this is that the American media doesnít really know diddly squat (a technical term) about hunting.

The Danish flag appears here as a protest against the violence being done to the free press of that country and elsewhere by those offended by some cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. A perceived insult is not an excuse for intimidation and violence, even in the name of the Creator. One cannot insult God, only small-minded men who falsely claim to speak for Him.

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