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22 February 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 23
Bush Looks to Technology to Fix US Oil Addiction -- President George “LBJ” Bush claims Christianity as his personal faith. Miracles figure heavily in Christianity, and that may be where Mr. Bush gets his energy policy. In laying out his new plans for American energy, he said that technological breakthroughs offer “a chance to transform the way we power our economy, and the way we lead our lives.” The nuts and bolts of what can be done today seem to elude him.

British Holocaust-Denier Sentenced to Three Years in Austrian Prison -- David Irving, a British historian with a decidedly revisionist point of view about World War II, pled guilty to violating an Austrian law which makes denying the Holocaust a crime. After a speech he gave in Austrian in 1989, he said he had no choice but to admit guilt. For his efforts, he has won a three-year prison sentence. Hard cases make bad law, indeed.

EU Considers Shoes Tariff Against China, Vietnam -- According to the European Union, the Chinese and Vietnamese have been dumping shoes in the EU. To an economist, dumping means selling at a price below cost. This is done to drive competitors out of business, and then the surviving companies can raise prices far in excess of where they might otherwise be. Unlike the Americans, the EU leadership doesn’t stand for this sort of thing.

Ben Kingsley Insists on “Sir” -- One of the more amusing and pointless arguments in British entertainment surrounds the insistence by Sir Ben Kingsley on having his “Sir” featured on promotional posters for his new film. Sir Ben (he hasn’t been Mr. Kingsley since 2001) believes “Being a Sir brings with it responsibility.” Others who have their “K” disagree, vehemently.

The Danish flag appears here as a protest against the violence being done to the free press of that country and elsewhere by those offended by some cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. A perceived insult is not an excuse for intimidation and violence, even in the name of the Creator. One cannot insult God, only small-minded men who falsely claim to speak for Him.

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