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27 February 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 25
Hurricane Donations are Running Out -- Itís Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, and as an act of civic morale boosting, why not? However, the Gulf Coast is still a mess six months after New Orleans flooded. Over $2 billion in private aid has already been disbursed, and less than $1 billion remains. Experts say it wonít be enough.

Uganda Re-Elects Museveni -- Yoweri Museveni won Ugandaís election last week, and the official count over the week-end gave him about 60% of the vote. Outside observers say there were significant problems with the balloting, and the presidentís main rival was charged with rape and treason during the campaign. Mr. Museveni has been in power about 20 years, and if he can pull off the federation of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, he says he will retire happy. Those terms are acceptable.

Warrant Issued for Arrest of Hedge Fund Manager -- The call for the regulation of hedge funds is going to get another boost shortly. A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kirk Wright, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based International Management Associates. It seems that of the $15 million invested with IMA by NFL and former NFL players, regulators can only find about $150,000.

Prince Charlesí Diaries are Old News -- The Kensington Review banished the British Royal Family from its pages for months because the House of Windsor is full of exceedingly dull individuals. However, His Royal Highness, Charles Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and a bunch of other stuff that really sounds impressive, is suing Associated Newspapers for printing his diaries about a trip to China 9 years ago. Free speech issues make him marginally relevant.

The Danish flag appears here as a protest against the violence being done to the free press of that country and elsewhere by those offended by some cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. A perceived insult is not an excuse for intimidation and violence, even in the name of the Creator. One cannot insult God, only small-minded men who falsely claim to speak for Him.

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