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8 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 29
DeLay’s Primary Win a Gift to Democrats -- Tom DeLay (R-TX) is under indictment, and he has been forced to the backbenches. Sensing opportunity, some GOP congressional wannabes challenged him in a primary for only the third time in 22 years. He romped home with about 62% of the vote with turnout as low as usual for this kind of thing. The GOP claims this helps vindicate him, but the Democrats have been given a huge gift. They now have a target for their 2006 campaign.

Congressman Lewis Leads GOP Revolt against Port Deal -- For five years, Congress has willingly gone along with the White House on everything from tax cuts to war. The rubber-stamping of administration policy papers came to an end yesterday. Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) split with President George “LBJ” Bush over the Dubai Ports World deal just as surely as his namesake split with Dean Martin all those years ago. It is all the more damaging to the White House because Republican legislators are strongly backing Congressman Lewis.

AT&T to Merge with BellSouth -- America’s telecommunications revolution began when the government broke up the monopoly AT&T held over the nation’s phone system. When the Justice Department settled an anti-trust suit with the company in 1982, its local operations were split into 7 “Baby Bell” operating companies. One of them, BellSouth is now being reabsorbed for $67 million in stock. Unless, of course, the Justice Department says “no.”

Dana Reeve Leaves Too Soon -- Dana Reeve was known best in popular culture as Christopher Reeve’s wife. Being married to Superman overshadowed her own acting career, but after his accident, his paralysis let her step into the spotlight on a far bigger stage. For those lucky enough to know her before all of that, her passing late Monday at the age of 44 is a very personal loss.

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