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10 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 30
Patriot Act Renewed as FBI Cites More than 100 Eavesdropping Violations -- When the misnamed Patriot Act passed initially right after the September 11 murders, no member of congress had actually read it. With its renewal this week, that excuse can’t be used; congress traded freedom for security and achieved neither. That is all the more true since this week also saw the FBI report to an intelligence oversight board over 100 possible violations of surveillance law.

IAEA Refers Iran to UN Security Council for Nuke Program -- The Islamic Republic of Iran is dedicating a great deal of time and money to the development of its nuclear program, a peaceful program it claims. The United States of America has vowed not to let Iran ever have The Bomb. A representative of the knuckle-dragging President of Iran has threatened “harm and pain” if the UN acts against it, while Vice President Dick “Elmer Fudd” Cheney threatened Iran with “meaningful consequences” if it didn’t cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency. One wonders where the grown-ups are.

Bank of Japan Declares Victory over Deflation -- When the economic history of Japan is written, the period of the 1990s and first years of the third millennium will be known as the Lost Years. The enemy was deflation, the chronic drop in prices that prevented economic growth. A policy known as “quantitative easing” essentially flooded the banking system with free money for five years. GDP growth is finally up and sustainably so. So, the Bank of Japan abandoned the policy, but kept interest rates at 0% for now.

Zoozoo, Logodaedalus and Supernaculum Festoon Chambers Dictionary -- Perhaps the uniqueness of Chambers Dictionary arises from its Scottish publishing base. Scots is one of the more flamboyant varieties of English. On the other hand, it may be due to editor Ian Brookes’ love of words. He is actively resisting the temptation to throw out words in August’s new edition. His is a mission from God.

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