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17 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 33
White House Unveils “The National Security Strategy” -- Yesterday, the White House released “The National Security Strategy” for the second term of Bush the Lesser. If one thought that the Mesopotamian Mess and the general failure of the neo-conservative agenda would result in a more realistic and plausible US foreign policy, one is thoroughly disabused of the idea by this document.

Iraqi Parliament Meets for Half an Hour, Adjourns Indefinitely -- The newly elected Iraqi parliament met yesterday for half an hour and adjourned shortly after an argument over the legislators’ oath of office. The piano player who played as they entered hardly got a decent practice in. The body elected no speaker, and it has decided not to meet again until there’s some progress on who gets what job in the executive. Optimists say to give the project another 30 days. Pessimists see no end to the arguing.

Spitzer Sues H&R Block for IRA Fraud -- New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has decided H&R Block took advantage of its customers with its Express IRA. He is suing for $250 million on behalf of those he claims were defrauded, plus refunds. He is also facing a primary challenge for the gubernatorial nomination of New York’s Democrats from Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi. Happenstance is Mr. Spitzer’s friend.

British Honours for Sale Debate Rages -- The House of Lords Appointments Commission has blocked three businessmen from receiving goodies from the Blair government. It seems that these men loaned money to Labour-related entities and that this may have been linked to their appearance on the latest Honours List. One, Sir David Garrard, has asked the Prime Minister to have his name removed and his peerage mothballed (a knighthood seems enough for him for now). However, it raises the question of just what is the purpose of honors at all?

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