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20 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 34
Mr. Bush Should Reshuffle His Deck -- Last week saw a rumble pass through Washington when some serious thinkers suggested that the president should get some new faces into his cabinet. The White House, filled with people who could have lost their access and positions of power, quickly laughed off the idea. Vice President Dick “Elmer Fudd” Cheney delivered a coup de grace on the talk shows yesterday saying there would be no shake up. Mr. Bush should reconsider.

Lukashenko Steals Presidential Election in Belarus -- Electoral turn out was officially recorded at 92.6%. From the total number of ballots cast, the incumbent secured 82.6%. His nearest rival garnered 6.0%. Even without knowing the details, this looks like a rigged election. Sunday’s fraudulent election in Belarus merely proves that the White House is right when it calls Alexander Lukashenko “Europe's last dictator.”

French Riot over Job Law -- The French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has announced a new labor law designed to help reduce youth unemployment. The American press has covered the riots that have ensued with a confusion one can only put down to cultural myopia. The PM’s proposals are, simply, a threat to the French social compact.

Humphrey Dies Leaving Britain’s Top Officials Unprotected -- In the never-ending fight between dog-people and cat-people, the Kensington Review is definitely pro-canine. All the same, there are some felines worthy of one’s respect. Last week, the British government announced that Humphrey the Cat-in-Residence at The Cabinet Office had died, aged about 18. The nation mourns.

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