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22 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 35
Bush Guarantees US Troops in Iraq into 2009 -- George “LBJ” Bush is pretty bad with the English language, even in its Texan form. So, it isn’t always a good idea to try to find shades of nuance when he can’t even find the direct object of his mis-conjugated verbs. Be that as it may, in yesterday’s press conference, he was asked if there would be a time when there are no US troops in Iraq. He replied that was the objective and “that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq.” Mr. Bush is in office until January 20, 2009.

Loans for Peerages Scandal is Blair’s Latest Headache -- Tony Blair’s political career is dying the death of 1,000 cuts. Cut number 945 or so is the scandal over loans the Labour Party secured from 12 fat cats ahead of the last election. Some of them have turned up on the Honours List, and some people believe this is tantamount to selling peerages. Mr. Blair is determined, it seems, to be thrown out of office rather than leaving of his own accord.

VW’s GTI Ads are Pure Genius -- Car ads on TV or in print are usually very bad. More often than not, they are built around an image that is more fantasy than anything else, and they are interchangeable -- the Oldsmobuick effect. One happy exception is the latest set of ads for VW’s GTI. They are witty, funny and memorable, and those are rare qualities in advertising.

Team USA Watches Japan Beat Cuba in World Baseball Classic Final -- The First World Baseball Classic came to an end Monday night with Japan defeating Cuba 10-6. That wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Team USA was the odds-on favorite, history favored the Americans, and somehow, they lost to both Canada and Mexico. Best in the world? Team USA isn’t even the best on its continent. And that makes the WBC a success.

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