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24 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 36
Supremes Cut Police Powers to Search Homes, Roberts Dissents -- In a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has decided that when police search a couple’s home, one partner can veto the search even if the other is willing to let them into the house. The dissent was written by Chief Justice Roberts, and it gives one grounds to worry about his ability to reason.

ETA Drops its Weapons -- If George “LBJ” Bush were fighting a real war against terrorism, rather than one against Fascislam, he would have had to put troops in Northern Spain and Southwestern France to deal with Euskadi Ta Askatasuna. ETA is the name of the Basque terrorist/freedom fighters in the Basque language, which seems to be unrelated to every other human tongue. Fortunately for Spain, France and the Basques, he kept his incompetent fingers out of that particular pie, which allowed for local solutions to arise. Earlier this week, ETA announced a permanent cease-fire effective today. Wisdom wins.

Gordon Announces Number 10 Budget, or Budget Number 10 -- Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon “Patience” Brown presented his tenth, and possibly last, Budget to the House of Commons earlier this week. The deal he made with Tony Blair ages ago is due to force Mr. Blair into retirement (and not before time) while Mr. Brown becomes PM. The budget looks heavy on politics and light on economics, suggesting that Mr. Brown is more worried about the Tories new leader than the economy.

Department of Homeland Security Tells Moviemaker not to Use its Name -- One of the features of the arts (literature, cinema or even just TV) is verisimilitude. That is, the work has to be close enough to reality for the viewer or reader has to suspend disbelief, which is the honors English class way of saying “pretend it’s for real.” So, verisimilitude took a knock on the head when the US Department of Homeland Security told a film-maker he couldn’t use the name of the DHS “or any of the Department's official visual identities.”

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