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29 March 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 38
Bolten Replaces Card as White House Chief of Staff -- Andrew Card resigned yesterday as White House Chief of Staff, and his replacement, Josh Bolten, was announced immediately. Since Mr. Bolten was already part of the Bush team, there is little point in trying to position this as the reshuffle so many have been demanding of the White House. Mr. Bush lost an opportunity to change the debate in Washington and breathe new life into his second term. Instead, he replaced a tried and true supporter in his administration with a tried and true supporter in his administration. Moreover, the man who quit isn't really the man who needs to go.

Israeli Voters Pick Kadima, Kick Likud into Fifth -- Many in Israel had called it the most boring election in the country’s history, and the record low 62.3% turnout reflected that opinion. Still, with Hamas winning the elections in the Palestinians Territories recently, the new government of Israel is faced with a new set of problems. However, the politicians must first form that government. This will prove interesting.

US Regains Top Slot in World ICT Rankings -- The USA is, once again, number one in information and communications technology [ICT] as measured by the World Economic Forum. In the group’s latest Global Information Technology Report, the US rebounded from the fifth spot into which it had fallen last year, returning to the top of the standings.

Embrace to Record England’s World Cup Anthem -- Precisely why the English Football Association feels the need to have an official anthem for this year’s soccer World Cup is unclear. This is especially true since the last few anthem attempts in previous years were dreadful. This time, the Huddersfield quintet Embrace will record the official tune. At least, the world has been promised “There will be no [Wayne] Rooney rap.”

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