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19 April 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 47
Georgia and Arizona Take Different Paths on Illegal Immigration -- One of the strengths of a federal system is the ability of the subsidiary governments to tackle problems the central government can’t or won’t. So, it is with illegal immigration in the US. With the federal government unable to find a formula that will pass Congress, the State of Georgia has passed its own measure. Meanwhile, the governor of Arizona has vetoed an immigration bill. Time will tell who is right.

Chinese President Visits Microsoft, White House -- Chinese President Hu Jingtao is in the USA this week, and his visit signals that China views President Bush as a lame duck. Arriving in Seattle, Washington, rather than Washington, DC, Mr. Hu’s plans have him spending more time with Bill Gates than George “LBJ” Bush. The message is clear; China’s leader has more important things to do than meet with the American President.

Oil Soars, Dow Rises, Trouble Ahead -- Economists like to believe that markets are driven by supply and demand. Traders know that markets are driven by greed and fear. The latter viewpoint explains why Tuesday saw oil hit a new record price while the Dow Jones Industrial Average put in a 195-point gain on expectations that the Federal Reserve is ending its interest rate hikes. Greed beat out fear, and the whole thing was irrational. Trouble arises out of such market perceptions.

Rugby Threatens Limerick’s Status as a “City” -- There once was a City named Limerick . . . but after Sunday, it may not be a city any more. In order for it to count as a “City” by European standards, and therefore, qualify for funding from the EU, it has to have a population of 50,000. It currently boasts 54,000 residents, so there should be no problem. Unfortunately on census day, as many as 20,000 resident may be in Dublin watching Munster play a rugby match, the Heineken Cup semi-final, against Leinster. This is serious.

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