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21 April 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 48
Rove Moves on to Election Duties -- The Bush administration’s second-term partial shuffle isn’t about to address the real problems in the White House. The departure of a non-entity chief of staff and the replacement of the designated deceiver of the press aren’t enough. However, the move of Karl Rove out of domestic policy signals that the president’s coterie knows the crisis is upon them. Mr. Bush is pulling out the biggest gun he has to save his presidency in November’s elections.

Senior Tory MP Calls for “Brits Out of Iraq” -- Michael Ancram is born and bred a Tory. The Honourable Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian (a title he doesn't use), PC, QC, MP is a former shadow Foreign Secretary and once stood for leader of the Conservative Party. In today’s Daily Mail he writes, “It is time now for us to get out of Iraq with dignity and honour while we still can.” How much longer can Mr. Blair continue to participate in the Iraq debacle now that he is losing people like Mr. Ancram?

Nigeria Settles Paris Club Foreign Debt -- Nigeria, a nation that ought to be a whole lot richer than it is, has come to a settlement with its Paris Club creditors. That makes it the first African nation to get its official debt off the balance sheet. It will still owe private creditors and the World Bank about $5 billion. Nonetheless, it is a fine beginning, and this time, Nigeria might just get it right.

Julia Roberts Fails to Impress Broadway Critics -- There is nothing in acting that compares to the challenge of a live performance. For that reason, this journal has always distinguished between movie stars and actors. The former get as many chances as they need to get the line right (and still some don’t), while the former need to be perfect even on matinee Wednesday. Julia Roberts’ Broadway debut earlier this week has the critics putting her firmly in the “movie star” category.

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