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24 April 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 49
CIA Agent Fired for Secret Prison Leak is a Hero -- The world of intelligence is one of secrecy and discretion. It is vital for America, especially when engaged in a war, for its intelligence operatives to keep their mouths shut. Mary McCarthy told the press that the US had secret, CIA-run prisons in Eastern Europe, and was fired for doing so. However, rather than face loss of job and prosecution, she should be promoted and given a medal. By blowing the whistle, she was defending America’s foundations.

Iraq Gets Around to Forming a Government -- Four months after the general election, the “leaders” of Iraq have finally formed a government. Although much time has been wasted by the politicians, this is the most positive news out of Iraq since the capture of Saddam Hussein. That doesn’t mean Iraq is out of the woods yet, but perhaps the terrain isn't quite as heavily forested.

US Treasury Secretary Says US Can’t Fix Trade Imbalance Alone -- It does take two to tango, but each partner must decide to dance in the first place. So when Treasury Secretary John Snow spoke about the US trade imbalance and told the IMF on Saturday that the US “by itself, cannot and should not be expected to resolve the problem, but we, like other major participants in the global economy have an important role to play,” one wanted to ask him about the tap-dancing he’s doing around the issue. American action can and does cause reactions, and the question is which way does America want to go.

Helen Mirren Dazzles as Elizabeth I -- Among English history buffs, there are those who love Elizabeth I and those who loathe her. Some are fascinated by the Virgin Queen’s personal life, others are appalled by her role in the death of Mary Queen of Scots, and others revel in her calculating genius in European diplomacy. She was, simply, a complex and complicated human being. Helen Mirren’s portrayal of her in HBO’s new miniseries “Elizabeth I” captures all of this and more.

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