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1 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 52
Puerto Rico Closes Government in Budget Battle -- While the rest of the US braced itself for more drama over illegal immigrants, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico had to close its government offices and schools because there is no money to pay for them. Essential services will continue, but there are now 500,000 kids who aren’t in school on the island, and 100,000 government employees (including 40,000 teachers) without jobs. Fortunately, municipal authorities are still afloat, so the garbage will get collected.

Mexico to Decriminalize Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin -- While the big news in US-Mexican relations over the week-end and today has been and will be immigration legislation in Washington, an interesting development arose in Mexico City, where President Vicente Fox appears ready to sign a bill decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs including marijuana, cocaine and heroin. American reaction was cautious, but it does raise a new dimension in the border control and immigration debate.

Professor John Kenneth Galbraith Passes -- Professor John Kenneth Galbraith was 97 when he died this week-end. As an economist, he was not the ground-breaking type. The ideas expounded in his brilliant book The Affluent Society had first belonged to Thorstein Veblen and others. What made him important was his ability to explain what was important in economics to decision-makers who needed it explained to them.

English Premier Championship Goes to Chelsea FC -- Chelsea Football Club won the English Premiership for the second year running with a 3-0 win over Manchester United on Saturday. Needing only a draw in any of the final three games, Chelsea could have sat back and waited for tomorrow’s game against Blackburn or Sunday’s against Newcastle to wrap things up. However, with Liverpool likely to take the FA Cup and Arsenal playing for the Champions’ League title, Chelsea wanted to drive home a message: Manchester's golden years are over.

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