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3 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 53
Immigration Boycotters to Learn the Tactic Doesn’t Work -- Born in Ireland long ago, the “boycott” is an economic tactic designed to support a political strategy. Since it was first employed against Charles C. Boycott (a rather ruthless English land agent in Ireland), it has been used all over the world with far better press than it deserves. Boycotts are ineffective against national governments, take ages when employed at lower levels, and impose greater hardship on the protesters than they inflict on the powerful. The “Day without Immigrants” boycotters have yet to learn this.

Senator Biden Calls for Three Autonomous Regions in Iraq -- Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), a once and possibly future presidential candidate, wrote in Monday’s New York Times that Iraq needs a much weaker central government than its new constitution provides, and it needs to be divided into three autonomous regions. The White House, naturally, screamed at him for not being a team player. Frankly, the good senator may not have gone far enough.

Bolivia Nationalizes Gas Fields -- President Evo Morales issued a decree on May Day requiring private energy companies to renegotiate their contracts with his government. The decree goes even farther, though, in requiring them to sell his nation a controlling interest in the natural gas fields. He ordered soldiers to take control of the fields to drive the point home. In doing so, he has fulfilled an election promise to the voters and annoyed businessmen and other governments in the extreme.

Scottish Burglaries Down Due to Cheap Electronic Prices -- Burglary, or “housebreaking” as it is called in Scottish law, is down dramatically over the past decade. Better policing, more employment opportunities and even better street lighting are all given as reasons for the drop, which shows no sign of stopping. Leaving it to an economist to point out the obvious, though; a lot of stuff isn't worth stealing anymore.

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