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5 May 2006

Latest Commentary: Volume V, Number 54
Federal Bird Flu Plan “Let Locals Do It” -- In the biggest abdication of responsibility since Edward told the British Empire he’d rather than Mrs. Simpson than a crown, the US government has decided that it won’t even try to deal with any possible bird flu pandemic. Authors of a 227-page report detailing the policy wrote, “The impact of a severe pandemic may be more comparable to that of war or a widespread economic crisis than a hurricane, earthquake, or act of terrorism.” Since when would counties and small towns be able to cope with this?

Cheney Criticizes Russia for Oil Blackmail and Rights Violations -- Vice President Dick “Elmer Fudd” Cheney was in Moscow earlier this week, spreading his message of love and forgiveness far and wide. The preceding sentence was written as irony. However, it was nothing compared to what the oilman and torture advocate told Comrade President Vladimir Putin.

ECB, BOE Hold Rates Steady -- The European Central Bank and the Bank of England both decided yesterday that interest rates in the economies for which they have responsibility were properly set. In the eurozone, that means rates stayed at 2.5%, and in the UK, they remain 4.5%. Despite inflation pressures brought on by oil price increases, these were the right moves.

Brits are Healthier than Yanks -- Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association had a report that will bother many of the “America’s #1 in Everything” crowd. It seems that the beer swilling, chain smoking Brits are healthier than their American cousins. More diabetes, more high blood pressure and more cancer. Maybe America is #1 after all.

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